A Serene Homestyle Investment at Lumina Pililla

It’s the holiday seasons and Christmas is just a few days away from now. Most of the employees already received their Christmas Bonus and the most-awaited 13th month pay for this year! Many of us are thinking where to spend our bonuses and savings for this month as a gift for our long-year hard work at the company.

But before you get too enthusiastic and crazy on spending your bonuses on the latest gadgets or designer bags and couture, try to take a deep breath first and think about what you really need versus what you really want.

With the pandemic still at large in the country, it’s better if you will allot your hard-earned money to stuffs that really matter and you can use for the long-run rather than short-termed happiness and value.

One of the regret-free gifts that you can give to yourself and to your family this Christmas is a home investment. Having your own house and lot is always better than paying a monthly rent to an apartment and a house that you can’t call your own.

For those people who are working in the Metro like Pasig, Taguig, Mandaluyong and Quezon City who are looking for an affordable house and lot near their workplaces or even for Rizaleños who wish to have their own home, Lumina Homes has the best offer for you.

Lumina Pililla, with its strategic and high-point location, you can now be future-ready for the rainy season with its flood-free area. This is a 12-hectares house and lot community development located in San Antonio Feeder Road, Brgy. Quisao Pililla, Rizal. Lumina Pililla is currently offering four (4) home models that are all bare-type, meaning you can design and customize your own interior and partitions.

Anna Rowhouse

This is 24-square meter home with 37 square meter standard lot that you can provision for one (1) bedroom. This is budget-friendly and is perfect for working professionals who aim to have their own house and lot in a quiet and peaceful community.

Anna Rowhouse

You can be one-step ahead in owning this affordable house and lot for only Php4,000 as its reservation fee! Absolutely an economical way for home investment!

Angeli Townhouse

This one is a 42 square meter two-storey house with 36 square meter standard lot for provisioning of three (3) bedrooms. It is great for newly wed couples and partners who would like to start their own family.

Angeli Single Firewall

This is a 42 square meter two-storey house with 54 square meter standard lot. This is best fit for large families who are looking for a more spacious house and lot.

One of the best trends about Lumina Homes community is that it is always complete with convenient amenities that you and your whole family can enjoy like a play area for your children, a multi-purpose hall for your family’s events, a covered court for your recreational activities, and a 24/7 guardhouse for the safety and security assurance of your whole family.

Lumina Pililla Angeli Single Firewall
Angeli Single Firewall

Another good thing to enjoy about Lumina Pililla aside from these amenities is its fresh air and the breathtaking view of the Laguna de Bay and the Pililla Windmills.

This Christmas, make sure to be regret-free in spending your bonuses and savings. Hurry up and make your own Lumina Homes Online reservation now and give the greatest holiday gift to your family as proud Lumina Pililla homeowners!

Achieve Plantita Goals with these Best Indoor Plants for your Home

There is nothing quite like the charming appearance created by the flowers and leaves of indoor plants to make our homes and places of business feel more inviting. This category comprises not just restrooms and facilities but also kitchens and workspaces. An indoor houseplant can offer color and life to a solitary nook or dark corner of the home.

You can achieve easy peasy plantita goals since lighting and water are the only requirements for indoor plants. Your health and overall well-being can benefit from indoor plants and the aesthetic value they add to your home.

There are more ways in which the air quality is improved when indoor plants are present. The release of water vapor into the air by plants increases humidity. This can assist enhance the health of the respiratory system as well as the skin by counteracting the drying effects of heating systems. Those who suffer from ailments related to their respiratory system, headaches, or allergies may benefit from this.

Adding plants to your home improves its visual appeal, air quality, and humidity levels. Check these best indoor plants:

1. The String of Pearls Hanging Succulent Plant

A strand of pearls, worn alone or layered, makes quite the fashion statement. This unique plant that hangs from the ceiling has leaves that are fashioned like small balls, which is how the plant got its name.

However, it cannot be easy to care for. It should also be kept out of regions with a lot of wind and needs several hours of bright indirect light per day. This plant will die if it receives an excessive amount of water; therefore, before you give it a drink, check the moisture level of the soil around it.

2. Aloe Vera Plant

The cactus-like plant known as aloe vera has tubular and spiked leaves, making it an excellent option for a houseplant in the kitchen. Why? If you ever have a minor burn on your skin, you can quickly treat it by snipping off a small portion of your plant and applying the liquid contained within the leaf to the affected area. The analgesic effect comes almost immediately, despite the peculiar odor it leaves behind. In addition to that, incorporating it into your do-it-yourself skincare routine is a smart idea.

3. Philodendron Swiss Cheese Plant

Because of the numerous holes that may be seen in the leaves of this peculiar monstera, it is commonly referred to as a “swiss cheese plant.” The plant will climb a trellis or pole, and it is simple to reproduce cuttings in water, enabling you to share the plant with your friends.

4. Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush

A fiddle leaf fig can be a satisfying plant to own if you are willing to put in the effort to properly care for it. These stunning plants can be pruned into the shape of trees or let grow into bushes, but for them to survive, they need a lot of natural light. This plant should be kept out of drafts, and the soil’s moisture level should be carefully monitored so that it is not over-or under-watered.

5. Monstera Delicioso

Blank suggests that once you have mastered the art of caring for home plants, you should go on to a Monstera. The leaves have brilliant green color and are dotted with natural holes, referred to as leaf fenestration. These leaves give any area a tropical feel. According to Blank, although they are still quite simple to make, they have a great texture.

6. Potted Prickly Party Collection

If you are the kind of person who frequently forgets to water their plants, a cactus (or three) might be the ideal plant for you to keep as a houseplant. These plants require a significantly lower amount of water than the majority of other houseplants, and they flourish best when placed in areas of bright sunlight.

7. Spider Plant

Despite their common name, spider plants contribute a positive vibe to the inside of a home. They are offered in a wide selection of colors and designs, and they demonstrate quite plainly (by visibly wilting) when they are getting low on moisture and need to be watered. Don’t worry about them; after they’ve had something to drink, they’ll be back to normal in no time. In addition, rather commonly, these plants may produce miniature baby spiders, which can then be plucked off and used to start new plants.

8. Philodendron Plant

When boosting a new plant owner’s self-assurance, nothing beats the appearance of a robust plant that expands rapidly. Philodendrons deliver on this front, sprouting powerful trails of vines laden with heart-shaped leaves, and it will give you clear indicators if something is wrong with them. Are some of the leaves beginning to turn yellow? You’re overwatering. Curling up of the leaves? You’re not giving it enough water.

9. Live Ivy Plant

Ivy is an excellent option to consider if you are looking for a rapidly developing plant. If the conditions are right, its tendrils can grow at incredible rates, and the plant will cheerfully climb a wall or railing if you give it a chance. This plant does best with high moisture levels; therefore, it is recommended that you mist it frequently and keep it out of direct light.

10. Boston Fern Hanging Plant

Another choice frequently commended for its capacity to cleanse the air is the Boston Fern, which, in addition to being practical, also contributes significantly to the aesthetic value of the space in which it is grown. These plants thrive in bright, indirect light and should be maintained moist at all times. They are adorable when hung in front of a window because of their unique shape.

11. Parlor Palm

Benzene and trichloroethylene are two chemicals that are regularly distributed through furniture off-gassing. The parlor palm is a tropical option typically lauded for its ability to clear up benzene and trichloroethylene. It requires watering only once every one to two weeks and can thrive in indirect or low light. Additionally, it only has to be watered once every one to two weeks. Because the plant is not harmful to animals, you won’t have to worry about securing it in a place where your furry friends can’t access it.

12. Blooming Anthurium

Anthurium is gaining popularity as some of the best houseplants, and they are most well-known for their blooms that can be a lipstick red or a dusky pink. According to Marino, “they have a throwback, Mad Men kind of vibe to them.” Because the blooms are just modified leaves, the plant can produce blossoms anytime. You can put your anthurium in the center of a table in the entrance or the living room, or add it to a collection of greenery for a pretty splash of color.

13. Pilea Peperomioides

Another kind of plant that is safe for use in homes with animals is the Pilea Peperomioides, which goes by its scientific name of Pilea. It is easy to maintain and pleasing to the sight because it self-proliferates when given the attention it needs to thrive. “It’s visually pleasing, and the foliage looks like little lily pads, no pond required, easy to care for; its soil needs to dry out completely in between waterings, which in some climates can mean watering once every few weeks.

14. Bird’s Nest Fern

Although ZZ plants and snake plants are considered some of the greatest plants for beginners, animals should not consume them because they are poisonous. If you have a curious cat or dog, keep these plants away. Choose a bird’s nest fern, a tropical houseplant with ruffle-edged leaves that will provide a burst of green to your home while not harming your animal companions.

15. Snake Plant

This bright plant with interesting patterns is available in various types, and because it grows vertically, it is an excellent option for people with limited space. Some people prefer snake plants because they are thought to be able to clean the air inside their homes, which is another reason they are popular. They are also exceptionally resistant to drought, making them an excellent choice for those prone to forgetting to water their plants.

16. Cast Iron (Aspidistra Elatior) Plant

Just like its namesake, cast iron plants do not require a lot of light to thrive and will not die off even if you neglect to water them often. They are also hardly ever troubled by illnesses or pests of any kind.

17. ZZ Plant

Another dependable option for those just beginning their experience with houseplants is the Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, more often known as the ZZ plant. It is resilient and able to resist a wide variety of conditions that are less than ideal, such as infrequent watering or dry air. And, most crucially for people who live in apartments or other shady locations, the ZZ plant can readily survive low-light surroundings. This makes it a good alternative for those who live in these settings. The ZZ plant is a pleasant addition to the kitchen or bathroom because it is attractive when displayed on its own and paired with other plants.

18. Pothos Collection

The Marble Queen Pothos is one of the easiest houseplants to cultivate. It has beautiful heart-shaped leaves and climbing vines that will quickly fill your plant shelf with beauty. This low-maintenance species is excellent for novices or anyone less than rigorous about plant care. It can grow in low-light situations and with less-than-ideal watering techniques, so it doesn’t require much attention from its caretakers.

19. Peace Lily Plant (Spathiphyllum)

As a result of their low maintenance requirements and the abundance of information that can be acquired from their appearance, peace lilies are widely regarded as among the best plants for newbie gardeners. To properly care for peace lilies, you should water them about every seven days. If you forget to water the plant, it will let you know by wilting noticeably and perking right back up again after it has been hydrated.

It can thrive in low-light conditions, but you will have a better chance of seeing those beautiful white blossoms if you place them in medium to intense indirect light.

So what are you waiting for? Choose your indoor plant and prove your green thumb by having these plants at home!

How to Create your Edible Garden at Home

Growing your vegetables at home can be rewarding to save money while connecting more closely with a more green environment. Thinking about creating an edible garden is totally an adulting moment, right? Batang 90’s will surely relate that gardening just seemed to be a task for e-games like Sims. Or a school activity where you all try to plant pechay and mustasa in the school garden.

Anyways, if you do not have any previous gardening experience, it is acceptable to get started on a modest scale. It is preferable to have a little garden in which you can be happy with the simple results of your labor than to have a large garden in which you are irritated by the amount of time it demands.

And if you don’t know where to start when growing your food in your backyard, the Scene Zone squad has some tips to help you get started with an edible garden.

Organizing your food garden by deciding what to plant

Consider the following when deciding what to grow in your food garden:

  • According to the saying, “time is everything,” and that’s true in vegetable farming. It is critical to know when to start seeds indoors and when to sow them outside.
  • Seasonality is essential since you should think about which plants have the best chance of growing during the time of year that you are planting. You do not need to become an expert to understand how this works; all you need is to ask or speak to staff members at your neighborhood plant nursery. Seed packets or labels on seedlings will provide you with information.
  • Consider the environment in which you live while selecting plants for your garden.
  • Which edible plants and fruit do you enjoy eating the most? Your enthusiasm for gardening will be boosted if you plant the food you want to eat.

Start Small

It is not necessary to convert your entire backyard into a vegetable garden simply because you have a large space available. Not in the beginning, at least not in the first year. Start by putting in just one raised plant box, and then evaluate how things go from there. You may be amazed at how much food can be grown in a small space and how much labor is necessary to maintain it.

You need to plan your garden ahead of time.

Before you start creating anything, take some time to know yourself and your environment. What is the ideal place to look for the best light? How much time do you have each week to spend gardening? How much food do you anticipate being able to produce? These questions should be asked before you begin digging in the soil.

Get creative if you don’t have a garden.

When it comes to growing food, you don’t need much space. Gardens may thrive on patios and decks. They can even be better than standard beds in some cases because of their abundance of natural light. Building a vegetable garden in your front yard may also be an option. It’s a wonderful method to bring people together in the community.

Get Quality Soil

The soil’s quality is an important consideration in your garden and will have a significant impact on the overall health of your garden. Compost-rich organic soil is easier to come by than inexpensive bags from the hardware store, so do your homework and discover the finest method. As long as the soil you use is high-quality, your plants will appreciate your efforts.

Pick Crops That Are Easier to Grow

balcony gardening fresh and organic vegetables horticulture in urban house

While seed catalog photos of giant leeks, romanesco broccoli, and heritage watermelons may tempt you to plant them right away, it’s best to wait the first few years before doing so. Instead, stick with crops that have been proven to be both prolific and easy to cultivate. Tomatoes, radishes, herbs like mint and chives, salad greens, kale, and zucchini are all classic options — just make sure you like to eat them before they go into the garden! Make use of a local seed catalog to locate kinds that will thrive in your area.

Purchasing a Few Gardening Tools Is a Good Idea, but Not a Lot

Gardening with vegetables doesn’t require a lot of equipment. A nice pair of gardening gloves and your own hands can be the greatest “tools” you need. Make sure you get your hands on some basic gardening tools before you begin to expand your collection.

Square-Foot Garden

The days of planting vegetables in rows that were extremely long and narrow are long gone. Instead, consider constructing raised beds and planting them utilizing the square-foot method. This method, which involves dividing crops up using a grid, results in the creation of patchwork quilt-style gardens that are capable of growing more food in a given amount of space.

Remember to Label Your Crops

It’s a seemingly insignificant feature, but it has a significant bearing on the overall effect. When you plant something, be sure to include the crop, variety, and planting date on a plant maker. Without it, you risk having to sow in the same spot twice before you see any results. One of the finest methods to keep your garden looking neat and organized is to make use of plant markers.

In the End, It’s a Test.

Observe your garden with an open mind and curiosity. Make no fuss if your crops fail. Investigate both what went wrong and how to stop it from happening again, and try to come up with a solution. Successful gardeners have spent years making mistakes and are always open to exploring new methods to improve their gardening. Think of it as a great adventure.

Having a vegetable garden can give families a sense of stability and minimize the emotions of discomfort that both parents and children experience. This is an additional advantage of having a vegetable garden. The lessons of history have taught us exactly how important gardening can be for our community, particularly during tough situations.

In what specific ways may home gardening contribute to the fight against the pandemic era? Gardening has been advised for a long time as a stress-relieving hobby with multiple excellent results for the person who participates in it. When many people are working from home and students are learning at home, and as we all get busy with technology, gardening may be a helpful activity that the whole family can participate in together.


Pinya Festival and Different Menu Using Pineapple

The Philippines is the world’s second-largest pineapple exporter. It’s well known that the Philippines is blessed with a rich cultural legacy and an abundance of natural resources, which is why we hold festivals to appreciate our plentiful resources and be grateful and kind.

The Philippines’ Pineapple Festival takes place throughout the country. Continue reading and be impressed by the contributions made by Filipinos to the Pineapple Festival’s gastronomic offerings.

Ormoc City Pineapple Festival

Ormoc City in the Philippines is referred to as “The City of Beautiful People” by the locals. The festival is held annually and honors the city’s patron saints, San Pablo and San Pedro. Its world-famous Queen Pineapple has developed into yet another excellent reason for tourists to flock to the area every day.

There is nothing quite like the Ormoc Festival when paying homage to everything important to Ormocanons. This is the city’s most sought-after item. The Pineapple Festival was born out of a need for such an event. By working together with a wide range of agencies, organizations, and individuals, the debut staging of the festival was an overwhelming success.

Camarines Norte Pinyasan or Pineapple Festival

The first Pineapple Festival took place in Daet in 1993, and it became a yearly festival.

Originally known as the Pineapple Festival, the event was renamed Pinyasan in 2003 after a successful rebranding campaign. The festival’s new name was chosen to give it a more native sound and feel.

After many years, the Pineapple Festival has grown from a small local celebration to an annual event in the province.

Besides the street dance competitions and the beauty contest, the festival also includes an exhibition on pineapples. Competitions for pineapple peeling and cooking are also part of the festival’s offerings.

In addition to the typical entire pineapples, the event offers complimentary gallons of pineapple-flavored ice cream. This is a way for the local pineapple growers to appreciate the people who buy their fruit.

Festival-goers can look forward to a bounty of fresh pineapples and warm hospitality from the locals. After a few bites, the Formosa pineapple’s flavor is pleasant and does not induce a burning sensation in the mouth. The peculiar soil composition of the region and the manner of producing the pineapples between coconut trees are said to be responsible for the sweetness. Pineapple jam and pineapple tartare are two more Daet delicacies. The Pineapple Festival in Daet, Camarines Norte, has undoubtedly increased tourists.

Calauan, Laguna’s Pinya Festival

The Pineapple Festival, held on the 15th of May in Calauan, is a well-known event.

Founded in 1999, this annual festival aims to raise awareness of Calauan’s pineapples and other agricultural goods. It includes cultural presentations and exhibits, celebration, street dance, a pineapple float parade, and a pineapple and native product decorating contest.

Items manufactured from pineapples, such as treats and Pinya fabric, are on display at the Trade Fair Exhibit, showcasing local products from the town. They performed songs and dance routines for the audience during nightly cultural events. Pinya is the primary ingredient in the original recipes in the Culinary Contest.

Must-try Pineapple-based Dishes

Pork Hamonado

Pork Hamonado is a simple pork meal sweetened with pineapple sauce, which is common in many Filipino dishes.

Simply marinate the meat, pan-fry it, then simmer for a delicious meal. Even the most inexperienced cooks will have no problem preparing this dish. The flavor was appealing. In the world of flavors, there is a sweet spot. Exciting and memorable.

Pineapple Bistek

The pineapple tidbits give a tropical flair to this Bistek recipe. To make this dish, you need to add pineapple syrup and pineapple tidbits to the typical Bistek dish. The sirloin cut of beef is a good choice because it’s easier to prepare than other beef cuts.

Filipino-style Macaroni Salad

A delicious bowl of Filipino-style macaroni salad is a must-have dish for any occasion. Crushed pineapple, chicken, ham, and cheese make this a filling side dish guaranteed to be a hit.

Chicken Hamonado with Pineapple

In the Philippines, savory dishes called Hamonado are made by combining pineapple slices and juice in the preparation process.

Because of this, the word “Hamonado,” which means “to prepare or cook like ham,” was given to this method (Hamon).

In the Filipino dish known as Chicken Hamonado, the chicken is marinated in pineapple juice and then cooked in soy sauce before being served. In keeping with culinary custom, the recipe calls for ground chicken. The chicken was cooked while still in its complete form to make this dish more memorable and appropriate for the holidays.

Pineappled Chicken or Pininyahang Manok

The name of the dish Pininyahang Manok means “pineappled chicken” in English. In this dish, the chicken is first marinated in pineapple juice. Then, the chicken and fruit are cooked together in a stew. In addition to pineapples, the recipe calls for other ingredients like carrots, bell peppers, and milk.

Pineapple Cassava Cake

If you’re a fan of the traditional Filipino dish known as cassava cake, you’ll love this variation in the recipe. The pineapples in this cassava cake are crushed to a pulp. I think you should give this a try if you want to make a distinctive cassava cake.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

When upside-down pineapple cake was established in the 20s, it was the first dessert to feature the fruit. Dole began selling canned pineapples around this time. As indicated by its longevity, Pineapple Upside Down Cake was a popular pineapple recipe during that time period.

There are many festivities being celebrated in the Philippines, and I hope you get a chance to learn more about them. I believe that honoring them is a way of saying “thank you” to God in an elegant manner and also an appreciation to the farmers for their labor in giving us good food.

Also, the squad is hoping you’ve had a craving for some pineapple. Go! Try one of the dishes on our menu in this list, and let us know if you liked it.

Small Bedroom Ideas: Learn How to Maximize Your Space

Scene Zone Squad is a strong supporter of finding ways to get by with fewer resources wherever it’s possible to do so. So, if you want to keep a calm and stress-free atmosphere, you should clean up your storage room or closet and put away your clothes.

If you have a small bedroom and have already cut back as much as possible, you may find that switching to space-saving storage solutions is necessary. Your bedroom in which you sleep should be devoid of clutter to make it a pleasant space for you to sleep in.

This article is ideal for you if you look for do-it-yourself ideas to make your small bedroom into a sleek minimalist space. We have gathered a list of quick and easy small-space hacks for you so that you may make the most of the space you have available.

The following are some inventive approaches that might help you make the most of the storage space in your bedroom without making the room appear cluttered or chaotic:

Limited storage space hacks

If you want your bedroom to be a relaxing location where you can unwind at the end of the day, you will need significant storage space. Do not give up on your hopes of living a minimalist lifestyle simply because your bedroom is a small space. To maximize space in your bedroom, get creative with arranging the furniture and how you store things. Here are some of the best alternatives for bedrooms on the smaller side.

1. Organize your nightstand with decorative accents.

Storage space is among the essential items on our list of things that must be present in the bedroom. You may also take advantage of the space adjacent to your bed frame by converting it into a workspace. Consider using a tiny dresser or a chest of drawers that can perhaps fit beneath the bed as an alternative to a nightstand. In addition to performing the nightstand function, they offer additional storage space that may be used to keep things like blankets, towels, and other personal belongings.

A functional and decorative item like a cute basket can also be placed. This is where you can put smaller items like books, skincare sets, or mini items that you need to access frequently.

2. Consider Vertical Storage.

To get a minimalist look, you’ll need to think outside the box when storing various products in a bit of space.

To maximize the available space, you might want to think about building some vertical storage solutions. Cut down on the number of items you have and find a home for each one to maintain tabs on the overall volume of your possessions more easily. If you have a lot of books, decorations, and little souvenirs, storing them close to your bed in a way that doesn’t take up much space is an excellent choice to consider.

3. Items that provide more than one purpose are your best bet.

A smaller space typically has less available room for additional furniture. However, this does not indicate that you are required to forego any of your storage space! Choosing pieces of furniture that can serve multiple functions is an easy (and inexpensive) tiny space hack that can help maximize storage in a bedroom on the smaller side.

Imagine if there was a room divider that also functioned as an appealing bookcase. Minimalistic storage furniture is what we’re after here. It may be used as both a dresser and a TV stand combination. You looked like you savored every single second of it! Check that each piece of furniture you buy serves more than one purpose for you!

When choosing space-saving household goods, here are three reasons why multi-functional furniture should be at the top of your list of options:

  • Lower cost. You may buy only one piece of multi-functional furniture rather than having to invest in some separate parts of traditional furniture to meet your needs. This will save you money and space at the same time.
  • Space-efficient. It is impossible to begin tearing down walls in a building to make it larger. Make sure you’ve got the right furniture in your home to make the most of your available space. Investing in pieces of furniture that may serve several functions is the best way to make the most of the area in your home.
  • Minimize clutter. Clutter is a common issue in tiny houses, which is problematic since it lessens the room’s visual appeal and makes it feel stiff and colder. The visual effect of clutter is to create a room that looks smaller than it is. When it comes to de-cluttering space, having fewer pieces of furniture in the room is preferable.

Utilize furniture that saves space and serves a dual purpose as storage to maintain order in the area you’re working in. This contributes to the creation of an inviting environment.

4. Hang Your Lights

When it comes to night lighting, selecting pendant-like lights rather than a table or floor lamps can help you save some valuable square footage on the floor. They are an excellent solution for bedrooms that are limited in space, particularly when positioned close to the bed. Aside from that, they are beautiful when open shelves are placed near the bed.

5. Use a Free-Form Rug.

It is usual for rugs to have excessively huge or inadequate sizes, which can make a space appear much smaller than it already is. A cowhide rug has a more organic design than a standard rug, yet it is still small enough to fit in your bedroom. It will bring color and warmth to the floor, and it will look great in your bedroom. If you are a big fan of K-drama-inspired homes, a free-form rug is definitely on top of your list.

6. Insert some greenery.

Even if there is not enough room for more furniture, the addition of greenery and plants can make any room appear brighter. Hanging a few pots from the ceiling or using floating shelves to arrange many plants in a row will help you create a pleasant and visually appealing display.

Is it just me? Whenever I tend to be stressed out, I find it relaxing to stare at plants, so this is a must in my bedroom-at-night-workplace-at-day.

7. Keep your dresser hidden away in the corner of your room.

If your closet is large enough, you can conserve floor and bedroom space by hiding the dresser in the back.

However, one of the simplest and most successful strategies to accomplish this goal is to create an entirely new storage area for your bedroom. You may do this by installing a bookshelf. Suppose you don’t already have any storage. In this scenario, you have a few tough preferences available to you., including the following:

You can purchase a brand new storage bed or develop your under-the-bed storage solution to steer clear of the “storage container-y” look. You also can elevate your current mattress and add storage drawers or bins underneath.

8. Organize your dresser.

Dispose items that don’t give those spaks anymore or those you keep just because its cute and do not intend to wear it anyway. The importance of using high-quality folding and drawer dividers cannot be overstated. It’s a good idea to browse through your dresser and see if there are any items that you don’t wear anymore that you can donate or give away or even put on a garage sale. Clutter-free, and a way to help others or yourself too!

9. Think about what is appropriate for the bedroom.

Is there room for it in any other part of the house? It’s possible that you can store them in the space beneath the sofa or in a brand new container explicitly designed for the living room. Again, do not allow your storage to suffer because you cannot let go of your preconceived assumptions about what belongs where; instead, put things away where they belong.

10. Utilizing the back of the door is a good option.

Even in the most cramped of spaces, there is great potential. It is crucial to note that if you keep your door open, you will be able to see a significant amount of hidden storage space in the rear of the door for your unused belongings. This is something that you should keep in mind.

What would you say is the most efficient way to increase the amount of storage space in your bedroom, given its limited dimensions? Do you have any additional suggestions that have been successful for you? Your ideas are always appreciated in our squad, so comment down below!

We also hope that by providing these tips, we were able to assist you in figuring out how to make the most of your little bedroom. Try out some of these tips and tricks to help you out if you haven’t yet finished fixing up your bedroom.

Kid-friendly Places in Laguna That You Should Visit With The Whole Family

Laguna conjures up images of buko pie, hot and cold springs, and waterfalls when someone mentions the province’s name. It is true that the province of Laguna provides an escape from the city’s congestion and pollution via its beautiful terrain, yet tourists still have plenty of places in the province to explore.

Laguna has long been linked with romantic hot springs and little cafés for couples as one of the city’s most popular local getaways. However, did you know that the province is also a sanctuary for children of all ages?

When you consider all that is going on in the world today, it might be difficult and quite the challenge to find methods to keep your children amused. But no worries, we got you! Below is a list of kid-friendly sites in Laguna that you can visit this summer season and make your life a little simpler:

Caliraya Resort Club outdoor spaces and swimming pools

Caliraya Resort Club, one of Laguna’s most popular kid-friendly resorts and tourist spot that provides families the opportunity to spend time with their kids and enjoy a fun-filled day in outdoor areas with its swimming pools, wave pools, obstacle courses, big earth ball games, and more.

Enchanted Kingdom theme park

Do you like to see the most popular tourist attractions in Sta Rosa Laguna? Enchanted Kingdom is a must-see if you want to let your guard down and embrace your inner child. Located in RSBS Boulevard, San Lorenzo South, Santa Rosa, Laguna, it’s impossible to not grin when you visit one of the popular theme parks in the country. No theme park in the Philippines can compete with Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna, one of the city’s most popular attractions.

There are eight themed zones and thrilling rides, including the iconic Space Shuttle, Anchor’s Away, and Rialto. From family-friendly rides to adrenaline-pumping thrills, Enchanted Kingdom never fails to provide the goods when it comes to exhilarating thrills. Check out this tourist attraction in Santa Rosa Laguna if you’re looking for a good time.

Rizal Shrine educational trip

A replica of the house where our country’s national hero grew up guided tour might be a fun way to teach your children about our country’s history.

The Rizal Shrine is one of the greatest places to learn about Jose Rizal and his family in an exciting and engaging way. The home itself is a conventional bahay na bato (stone house), which was characteristic of the aristocratic class during the Spanish period. Capiz shells have been used to make both floorboards and window frames in this room. The Rizal Shrine is open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and does not charge visitors any entrance fees.

Sitio de Amor Leisure family friendly Farm

A family-friendly farm resort, Sitio de Amor is the perfect choice if you’re seeking for a luxurious stay without feeling overwhelmed located in San Pablo City.

After starting off as a weekend retreat owned by a family, this farm resort has grown into a destination unto itself. The property’s swimming pool and lagoon provide first-rate facilities for you and your children to enjoy as you soak in the beautiful greenery. Each of their suites is distinctive.

Nuvali Park

Once you’ve seen the sights at San Pedro Laguna and Calamba Laguna, make your way to Nuvali Park or Nuvali Boulevard, where you’ll find a unique blend of nature, fun, and relaxation. There are shopping malls, cafés, and other businesses all around this park. This location, however, has the added benefit of allowing visitors to feed the lake’s tens of thousands of koi fish, giving them a true sense of being in a natural setting.

Fun Farm at Sta. Elena

Sta. Elena Fun Farm is one of the numerous outdoor attractions for children and adults alike in Laguna.

Children may run about on the farm’s extensive acreage and engage with farm animals in an outdoor playground. It costs Php 400 per person and includes access to obstacle courses, a garden labyrinth, playgrounds, and a tree house observation deck. Additionally, you have the option of riding a carabao-pulled cart or feeding the animals, including rabbits and guinea pigs, at the farm.

Makiling Botanical Gardens

When it comes to learning about native tree species conservation and planting, Makiling Botanical Garden in Laguna is a great option. The lush landscapes that surround the region are likely to soothe your senses. It is Laguna Province one of the most Instagram-worthy locations that’s perfect for taking photos or simply wandering about.

There is a Makiling Botanical Gardens located at the University of the Philippines Los Baños, Laguna.

Seven Lakes

Looking for the greatest San Pablo Laguna tourism attraction? Seven Lakes may be the best option for you.

Sampaloc Lake
Lake Pandin
Lake Kalibato and Palapakin

Situated at the foot of two mountains, San Pablo is home to Sampaloc Lake (Yambo), Lake Pandin (Bunot), Kalibato (Muhicap), and Palapakin (Sampaloc). These San Pablo Laguna tourism attractions are ideal for families and friends who wish to spend more time together in nature.

Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort

A resort in Laguna with a plethora of fun activities for the whole family?

Located between Laguna and Quezon, Villa Escudero is a sprawling property noted for its role in fostering Filipino culture. You and your family may have a delicious buffet by the waterfall, ride a carabao cart, visit the museum, go swimming and bamboo rafting, and attend a traditional dance display here. The property’s activities are so extensive that a single day just isn’t enough time to experience them all. For just PhP1,600, you may enjoy all of the aforementioned on a single day ticket.

Once you’ve set foot in Laguna, you’ll be in for a treat, from the most well-known locations to the more obscure ones. If you think a day trip is not enough to explore more of the province, you can get your accommodations at affordable hotels around the province such as the casa palmera tourist inn, riverview resort, or the casa palmeras hotel. You can find here lowest nightly price inns or hotels that accept walk ins or you might want to call beforehand with their prices and availability subject to change.

Or if you would like to skip this hassle and make your trip to Laguna more convenient, you can start a vacation home investment in this province with Lumina Calauan.

Lumina Calauan is a kid-friendly community located at Brgy. Masiit, Calauan, Laguna and quite close to various schools such as the Hanggan Elementary School, San Isidro Elementary School, Saint Bridgette Integrated School, Dayap National High School, and the Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Calauan.

Wow! That’s a complete educational experience made possible by Lumina Calauan! So, what are you waiting for? Make your home reservations in Laguna and give your kids convenient access to education with Lumina Homes.

Purchased an RFO Property? Here’s How to Decorate Your Home!

Decorating a new home can be difficult if you have no idea where to begin; it may both be an exciting time and a stressful one. What are the best ways to decorate your home to reflect your particular taste and sense of style? You’ll be rewarded with a cozy, contented house if you do it right! The result will be a mishmash of furniture, fabrics, and paint colors that will never come together into a cohesive whole if you don’t do it right. Your chances of success will increase if you prepare ahead and follow the same techniques experienced interior designers do.

Do your homework on the specific requirements of each room and look for relevant Pinterest posts or some home magazine ideas. The design of your home should represent your preferences and hobbies, but it should also be associated with the particular purpose of each area.

You may select a broad decorating style for the entire home, but each room has its unique purpose and style within the overall design. When arranging a room, consider how the area will be used and who will be utilizing it when picking materials, decor, and lighting.

Knowing where you’re heading is the first step in crossing the finish line. So here is a quick guide on how to do it:

1. Do not begin your search for a furniture store.

If you’ve ever been told to avoid going grocery shopping when you’re hungry, you’re not alone.

Don’t rush into your visit to the furniture store; give yourself plenty of time to plan. You don’t have to rush to get your house in order. Assume you’ve just bought a large sofa because you felt like it. If a piece of furniture is too huge for the room, the rest of the room will appear cluttered and out of proportion.

You’ll need a measuring tape and a notebook to start you’re planning. To begin with, make sure your measurements are exact. For each room that you’re planning to decorate, take measurements of its dimensions, ceiling height, and obstacles that can get in the way (such as stairs and columns).

Consider the room’s proportions before purchasing furnishings

measure your home’s windows and walls to ensure that the furniture you plan to buy will fit in the space.

2. Identify the lifestyle you desire.

There are no incorrect choices here, and you are free to make your own decision. Elegant or casual, warm or even traditional or modern, it’s all up to the individual. To the fullest advantage, decide how you want to live in a given space.

You might also want to read: Squad Goals: Transform your House into your Favorite Fandom

3. Follow the lead of the experts.

Woman pointing

One of the advantages of seeking help from a professional in interior design and furniture selection is that: “The thought of making a decision might be overwhelming.” Their opinion will provide you with the feedback you need and make you feel confident about your furniture selections or purchases.

But, if you still want to go for a DIY, look in print and on the internet for ideas written or curated by professionals.

4. Organize a budget.

You want to make sure that you’re smartly spending your money.

Budgeting is an essential first step when looking for new furniture. Do you have a price range in mind for new furniture?

Your maximum and minimum payment amounts should be clearly stated. Knowing and keeping to your budget will help you select the right furniture for your home. Before going furniture shopping, make a financial plan so you don’t have to stress about whether or not you will be able to purchase a specific bed or piece of furniture.

5. Maximize the use of living rooms.

You may use your living room in numerous ways, from welcoming guests to being the hub for study, entertainment, gathering, and play for your entire family. Modern homes often have a “great room,” including the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

Making a choice, a perspective for the living room, and, in particular, where you want to create interactional zones should be one of your first considerations. This should be considered when choosing and arranging the furniture in your living room. After that, you can start thinking about lighting, carpeting, and other finishing touches like art and decorations.

Freshen up your living area with a few new throw pillows. Adding a throw pillow in a new color, pattern, or shape can completely transform the ambiance of a room.

6. Make your bedrooms a place for rest.

When decorating your bedroom, search for beautiful ideas that will make it a place of sanctuary—your very own zen.

It’s important to set the right color combination for your bedroom. If you want a relaxing ambiance in your bedroom, good lighting is essential for getting ready in the morning and reading in the dark.

Think about creating a peaceful atmosphere in your bedroom if you spend most of your precious time there. An excellent place to begin is selecting a bed and other bedroom accessories. Regardless of how much money you can save elsewhere, a high-quality mattress and pillow set is always a valuable investment. Remember, a night of good sleep will make you dream big and give you the energy to achieve it.

On the other hand, if you have any guest rooms, they will have their own decor requirements.

7. Make children’s rooms their own.

Even though many parents today are concerned about gender-neutrality in their children’s bedrooms, it is still usual practice for parents to decorate their children’s rooms with themes historically associated with boys and girls. Being traditional wouldn’t hurt as well, right?

8. Make bathrooms a real place of comfort.

Do you want to transform your bathroom into an opulent spa-like retreat? Research basic bathroom design concepts like making the area feel comfortable and elegant and choosing the cabinets, tiling, sinks, and lighting. It is difficult to decorate a small bathroom to make it feel and appear larger, but mirrors are always reliable to do the trick.

If you’re planning a complete bathroom remodel, check for advice on working with contractors. Choosing colors and the vanity and sink may be fun, but this place must be functional every time. We do an important business here, so make it comfortable with a splish-splash of good smell!

9. Customize your kitchen depending on your needs.

Renovating a kitchen may be expensive, so you’ll want to think things over very carefully before you begin. You may skip this part if you just want a simple one. But if you have a chef-wanna be or a home baker in the family, customizing a kitchen should be considered.

Any budget-friendly kitchen renovations can be considered without a comprehensive remodel, from painting, installing light fixtures, updating cabinet hardware, adding a place for an oven or a bigger counter, and replacing the sink and faucet.

10. Design dining rooms as a family place.

A well-chosen dining room table is the heart of the room. Therefore its location and arrangement are crucial to any decorating endeavor. For a tiny dining area, picking the proper furniture might be crucial. The chandelier and the chairs are also key items to consider since they help establish your style and set the mood for meals and a place for a family to talk.

11. Make your home offices permanent.

There are particular guidelines for creating and decorating a home office for those who only need a space to work from home. But the best factor to consider is that it will keep you motivated to work. When money is an issue, look for thrift shops that offer good quality swivel chairs.

12. Paint Wall Colors Light and Neutral

When it comes to decorating, neutral walls provide the most flexibility because they allow you to swap up your decorations easily.

13. Make sure that your sofa and chairs are compatible.

Groupings of furniture in a hotel lobby create an inviting atmosphere, and you can adapt the same idea! Balance and closeness should be the goal while arranging your living room’s furniture.

In general, it’s best not to push all furniture against any walls. It’s a common misconception that moving furniture farther away from the walls can make a small space appear larger, but that’s not always the case.

14. Install a mirror in every room.

If you have a mirror in your bedroom, make sure it doesn’t face your bed. A lovely site perpendicular to a window that captures the natural light or in a suitable orientation can be found behind the door.

15. Adapt the size of your artwork to the size of your wall.

It doesn’t matter what kind of wall art you choose: a one-of-a-kind piece of art, a framed print, a canvas print, or even a photograph; or a Sintra board like the trend in Home Buddies that will add color and style to a room and often become the centerpiece.

Lumina Tarlac Helicopter Tiktok Video 

Watch the Tiktok Video of Lumina Tarlac here

The Spanish word “Malatarlak,” which implies diverse species of grass, was the inspiration for the name of the province of Tarlac Now, it is a festival in Central Luzon, which is celebrated annually and became famous for many tourists—both local and foreign. Conventional dance, music, and drama are performed in grass-themed costumes during the Malatarlak Festival. 

It is no surprise that Tarlac is one of the Philippines’ most culturally diverse provinces, as it is considered as a home to Tagalogs as well as Ilocano, Kapampangan, and Pangasinense residents.  

In addition to this, many various ethnic groups have settled in Tarlac, making it a true melting pot where you can get some of the greatest local cuisine in the nation. Other notable features include the presence of enormous sugar and rice farms that were formerly home to Aetas, the region’s indigenous colonizers and inhabitants. 

The province of Tarlac is famed for its large fields, therefore it should come as no surprise that there are several tourist locations in Tarlac that include outdoor activities and eco-friendly tourism. 

In fact, one of the newest tourist attractions in Tarlac is the Dueg-kapya ken talna. It is a café and restaurant that can be found in Sitio Dueg Barangay, San Clemente, 2304 Tarlac. 

Aside from the great menu that they offer, the restaurant café also has a very peaceful and serene ambience, not to mention the picturesque view of nature, while enjoying a cup of coffee and a sumptuous meal. 

If you plan to visit Dueg – Kapya Ken Talna this Holy Week, make sure to take note of some of the guidelines and reminders in dining at this restaurant café such as: 

  1. The only guests charged a parking fee are those who choose to pay the parking lot attendants or security guards in exchange for their services. 
  1. Since Kapya Ken Talna opened its doors to the public, there has never been an Entrance Fee for visitors. It costs Php 20 per person to enter Canding Falls’ checkpoint, which is located at the foot of its falls. This is for people who seek to ascend to the “Sitio of Dueg” and the “River/Falls” of San Clemente, as referred to by the local government therein. 
  1. No food or drink is available for purchase outside of the Kapya Ken Talna restaurant. Visitors can expect nothing but high-quality food and drink provided by skilled and professional employees at this establishment. 
  1. In order to comply with the “No Face Mask, No Entrance Protocol” mandated by the government, Kapya Ken Talna strictly applies it. Wearing of face shield is no longer necessary at any establishments, restaurants, or cafés. Meanwhile, if you don’t have any face masks, you may get one from the restaurant for only Php 5 each piece. 

Complete your trip in Kapya Ken Talna with a visit to Canding Falls. The walk from San Clemente Tarlac will just take you around 20 minutes to get there. Arriving at this location, you will be greeted with a pleasant view of the waterfalls. 

Other tourist spots that you can go to on your visit in Tarlac are: 

Capas National Shrine 

In honor of the valor shown by Filipino and American troops during World War II, the Capas National Shrine and Park was built to honor their sacrifice. The 54-hectare government site on which the Capas National Shrine sits in New Clark City is home to the shrine. A total of 35 hectares of land were then planted with trees. Capas was the last resting place of every soldier who perished in World War II during the Bataan Death March. 

The 240-foot obelisk, which stands as a symbol of peace, is the centerpiece of Capas National Shrine. The obelisk is surrounded by three concrete walls with black marble finishing, inscribed with the names of dead troops. 

Tarlac Recreational Park 

Among the many tourist attractions in Tarlac, the Tarlac Recreational Park is a terrific location to test your sense of adventure and intrepidity. This recreational park which is also famously called as the Jose V. Yap Sports and Recreational Complex, is located in San Jose and is about a 25-minute drive from Tarlac City. 

While you may certainly work off some steam at this 78-hectare complex, you can also get your adrenaline pumping by participating in some of the facility’s most exciting and entertaining activities. It’s a great place for buggy rides, mountain biking, ATV rides, rappelling, and a ziplining adventure. With friends, airsoft is an excellent activity to try here. 

Goshen Resort and Hotel 

Is a trip to the Eternal City on your bucket list? As an alternative, why not get a taste of Rome in Tarlac, or at least for the time being. Romanesque architecture may be seen throughout the Goshen Resort and Hotel in Bamban in Tarlac, Philippines. 

Half-built coliseum-like edifice serves as the front of Goshen Resort, which has a swimming pool and a spa. A fast journey to Rome may be had at Goshen Resort. Rooms are available for a night or two, making it ideal for a weekend getaway with family or a significant other. 

Exploring the Province of Tarlac can be much more enjoyable if you know you have your own space in the province. Whether you are aiming to get a brand new house and lot or a vacation home in Tarlac, Lumina Tarlac is a perfect community to consider. 

About Lumina Tarlac and Lumina Residences 

Lumina Homes offers you Lumina Tarlac and Lumina Tarlac Residences: a mass housing community that provides value-priced home and lot packages that may be readily acquired by any Filipino via flexible payment options under Bank Financing. 

In all, there are 1,354 dwellings in Lumina Tarlac’s ten large-scale housing developments. It is located in Brgy. Maliwalo Tarlac, City. 

Lumina Tarlac ensure its residence the gift of convenience, accessibility and practicality as the subdivision is only 10 mins away from SM City Tarlac. It also has proximity to hospitals like Jecsons, CLDH, and TPH as well as accessible to schools, universities, and a number of supermarkets. 

Have the convenience of traveling to the metro and adjacent provinces with the Build Build Build Projects available in the area such as the CCLEX, Capas-Botolan Road, Clark-Bamban-Capas Access Road, and TPLEX. 

Make your reservations now and visit our site for more info! 

Viral Awards 2022 Recognizes Top 15 Bloggers 

The Viral Awards commenced and bestowed awards to individuals in honor of their works that continuously embraced change and stayed at the forefront of the industry and culture last April 7, 2022, at The Grand Ballroom of Okada Manila. 

Viral Awards is the first award-giving body that recognizes different viral influencers, brands, professionals, politicians, marketing, and companies of various industries. 

Of the several categories in the Viral Awards event, such as Outstanding Women, Outstanding Men, Exceptional Brands, Award-Giving Bodies, Reliable Media, Trending Social Media Influencers, and Vloggers, there are also top bloggers. 

The recognized bloggers in the event are the 15 winning entries among the 200 aspirants that submitted entries to the Bloggers Association of the Philippines. 

Bloggers Association of the Philippines is an organization for the blogging public that protects the rights and welfare of bloggers. The organization is also an avenue to disseminate information, invitations, campaigns, contests, and advertising for any events of great interest to the bloggers. 

“Blogging is an art. You can be loved and disliked by others. Strong guts and determination are essential factors in becoming a blogger,” said Mr. Virgilio Garcia, Bloggers Association of the Philippines Founder. 

Here are the recognized top bloggers in the Viral Awards 2022:  

1. Tin Gonzales of Today Online 

Ma. Cristine C. Gonzales, recognized as a Viral Blogger, Visual Arts Category. Tin is the blogger behind Today Online with the winner article Paint, Sip, Laugh at Sip & Gogh at Makati. “You get to learn things from different events and meet beautiful people,” Tin discusses how wonderful life is because of blogging. 

Tin is a long-time media practitioner who believes that blogging is a very fulfilling task. “Always look on the bright side. It’s about being positive and determined to get through things every day.” Tin says. 

2. Camilo Villanueva, Jr. of Happening PH 

Camilo Mendoza Villanueva, Jr. received the award Viral Blogger, Lifestyle Category. He is a junior proposal writer for Open Access BPO, freelance writer, editor, and translator. 

Camilo is a Communication Arts graduate and the Editor-In-Chief of Happening PH. His winning article Celebrating the Everyday: Survival through Gratitude and Simple Living, is his story of gratitude that each day is a cause for celebration for being alive amid the pandemic. It aims to inspire the country and its people to rise and move forward. 

3. Dhadha Garcia of Classy Sweets 

Dhadha Garcia is a mompreneur, full-time blogger, and content creator that won the Viral Blogger Award for Beauty and Lifestyle Category

“I am overwhelmed with gratitude for having been selected to receive a significant award. This recognition would not have been possible without the inspiration coming from my family and colleagues. What’s more, I am sincerely grateful to the award-giving body and the Bloggers Association of the Philippines, headed by Mr. Ver Garcia, for this acknowledgment. Indeed, I am incredibly humbled and appreciative.” Dhadha expressed her honor to be recognized in the Viral Awards 2022. 

Dhadha started blogging in 2007 and became one of the pioneers of the Negrense Blogging Society, Inc. in 2009. With more than a decade of work as a blogger, she has created unique content about lifestyle, fashion, and beauty and received several awards and nominations for her blog. 

Her winning article How To Cope With Stress For A Better Mental Health gave tips to help you face the struggle of working from home while balancing the needs of a home-bound family due to the pandemic. 

4. Angelica Cortez Jose of Jellybeans in the City 

Gel Jose is a Metro Manila-based blogger that won the Food, Travel, and Lifestyle Category of the Viral Award for Bloggers.  

Gel likes to discover new things to do and places to be in and around the city she loves. She shares her passion for food, TV shows, Regency-era romances, and Jane Austen’s writings in her blog

“I never dreamed that I’ll be doing something I love, much less get awarded for it. But technology opened up new ways to pursue my passion for writing, and years after I got rejected for many of the writing jobs I applied for, I found myself publishing my musings on everything of interest to me – from newly opened restaurants to trending TV shows and housewares. 

I also later realized that as a content creator, context is a major consideration for my work. It’s not enough to cover new product launches or restaurant openings – to give information on who’s and when. It is also important to provide the how’s and so what’s. 

Lastly, I learned that content creation is not done in isolation. It is informed and influenced by our peers and mentors. 

I’m grateful that I found those among you, my fellow bloggers and content creators.” says Gel as she shares her gratefulness for the recognition from Viral Awards. 

Her winning article is Nature Park in the City’s Heart: The Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife in Quezon City, where she features the place and must-do activities in the said park. 

5. Jennifer R. Pagalilauan of Mommshies 

Jen was awarded as a Viral Blogger for the Travel and Food Category. She is a freelance Media Relations Specialist and a single mom to her only son. 

Her winning article is My Dream Fulfilled with the Gospel Album, Be Still by Maria Chew. 

Her blog is about stories and things a Mom like her would want to read and explore. It is entertaining, informative, and valuable. She dedicates her blog to her number 1 fan, her late mother. 

6. Dr. Angel Catindig-Manlapaz of Ontario Skills Training Center 

Dr. Angel’s winning blog is about a medical forum that tackles the cure for cancer. She is a registered nurse, a licensed real estate broker, a doctor of dental medicine, a certified health coach, and a blogger. 

7. Jaycelle Playda Sahagun of Mrs. Gift Boxes 

A mom and entrepreneur who started blogging in 2017, Jaycelle is the owner of Mrs. Gift Boxes, an online gift curating shop. Her winning blog is entitled, Our Sunday Family Event in the New Normal. 

8. Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas of Tag Media Promotion and Rising Tiger Magazine 

An engineer by profession but opted to blog some of her events, Grace is the CEO of Tag Media Promotions and Rising Tiger Magazine

9. Gracielou Corrales of Mom’s a Peach 

Gracielou’s winning article is Kids and the Pandemic. She is a single mother that decided to start a blog to share insights and experiences of motherhood and lifestyle from a different perspective. 

Gracielou also manages her Talent Management and Production company that she established with her friends during the pandemic while working full-time in an e-commerce company. 

10. Jessica Rose Tinio of Jeckang Miho 

Known as Nanay Jecka, Jessica possess a passion for food and traveling even after becoming a mom. With the aim to simply share the experience, unique vibe, and wonderful food, her article Calling All Shutterbugs! Here’s a Perfect Café for You bagged her the blogger Viral Award for the Food and Lifestyle Category. 

“I always love to travel, eat and write. When I became a mom, the write part suddenly stopped. I really thought it is motherhood who stopped me from achieving things, but the real deal is, it is myself who do. When I started blogging, I did it for the ‘me time’ but later on realized that my travel guides are useful and people buy the foods and brands that I recommend. These awards and events gives a boost for us bloggers and writers to write more and be inspired. Mabuhay kayo! The spirit of blogging and media is rekindled because of events and initiatives like this.” 

11. Natalie R. Tugade of Seraphim Notes 

Natalie is the author of Seraphimsnotes Blog with the winning article entitled Meditation Health Benefits for this Pandemic Era. 

Aside from being a mommy influencer and blogger, Natz is also a medical front liner working at National Children’s Hospital, where she finds joy in helping and treating pediatric patients. 

Natz expressed her thank you to our Father in Heaven and her angels for these wonderful blessings in her message: “To the organizers of Viral Awards, thank you for this recognition of my article Meditation benefits for this Pandemic Era. It is my first time receiving a blog award, and my heart is filled with gratitude. Also, I dedicate this award to my lucky charm, my son William Angelo, my dad, and my whole family. 

And thank you, Sir Ver Garcia, my mentor, for opening up the blogging world to me, and the rest is history. 

Seraphimsnotes was created in 2017 because of my fascination with Angel stories. By the way, Seraphim is a 6-winged angel. Imagine. An Angel of 6wings protecting you, all day and night. My blog inspires people to be positive, see good things in people, and have a healthy lifestyle to achieve optimal health.” 

12. Dr. Sandra Ganzo of Anything Rad 

Dr. Sandra is a blogger and a medical doctor. Her dedication to sharing her knowledge about health, beauty, and wellness led to the creation of anything Rad. Her blog emphasizes the importance of holistic health, personal development, and work-life balance. 

Dr. Sandra’s winning article Mental Health in the Workplace, was written in celebration of World Mental Health Day. 

13. Pier Angeli Banaag Ang Sen of The Soapbox Filipina 

Mommy Pier was awarded as Mommy and Lifestyle Blogger at the Viral Awards with her winning article Sail to Port and Seas the Day. She sees herself as a mom with a purpose through her writing. 

“I have been sharing my “mom journey” on my blog, The Soapbox Filipina, ever since my child was born. He is my source of inspiration. Today, he is now a teenager, and he is currently enrolled in the premier science high school in the country. That is how long I have been blogging. 

I am also a mompreneur. I sell dried fish online on Pier’s Dried Fish. That is why I was elated when I found out that my blog on how the pandemic brought me to sell dried fish online made it to the winning list. While the pandemic forced an extraordinary time upon my family and me, it also compelled me to bring out some of my extraordinary strengths. 

I would like to thank my husband, Richard, who is my business mentor and my number one fan and supporter. 

As I look back on my victories and defeats, I am even more grateful for this recognition.” 

Mommy Pier also hopes to inspire other moms, especially by instilling study habits in their children while managing their small businesses. 

14. Diana Rose Salonga Rosqueta of Barefoot Mom PH 

Diane is a barefoot marathoner that won the Viral Blogger award for Sports Category. A sports enthusiast that already ran 2 Barefoot Marathon events with 42.195 km. She is also the owner of a chocolate business called Mad about Chocolates. 

“Do what makes you happy. Blog and write about anything. Blogging is my passion. Just write what is true,” Diane shares her principle. 

15. Ness Justine Rufino of Scene Zone Squad 

Ness won the Real Estate Blogger Category in the Viral Awards 2022. She is a millennial with ten solid years of experience in the real estate industry as a real estate broker, marketing and business development officer, corporate communications, and project leader of real estate affiliate marketing.  

She shared with the squad what this award meant for her. 

“This award meant a lot as it answered the question I asked myself ten years ago, “Why is a journalism graduate working in the real estate industry?” I thought about quitting while questioning my purpose, personality, and passion. 

Not until my favorite story to tell happened. At an open house event, a starting agent closed her first sale and thanked me for my assistance since her earnings for that day would be able to pay for her child’s tuition. After that day, my heart started to grow with my job with the help of similar situations. Like seeing newlyweds having their photoshoot at their new home, an OFW reuniting with her family at a place they can call their own, and a lot more that inspired me to become the real estate broker I am today. But the question remained unanswered. 

Not until we sold out all the projects that I handled in Rizal and suddenly got transferred to Bicol. I worked 8-5 pm, spent free time writing with my squad colleagues in Lumina Homes, and started the Scene Zone blog. 

And six years after, I am receiving this award with a commitment to be a real estate broker that provides quality home options to every Filipino family. And a real estate blogger who advocates the importance of real estate investment, especially for the younger generation.” 

Scene Zone Squad, Your Squad Goal Buddies, will continue to impart information that will be useful for any generation. 

For collaboration, you may reach Scene Zone Squad through our Facebook Page

Squad Goals: Visita Iglesia in Cagayan 

Visita Iglesia is a pilgrimage tradition of stopping to pray at a nearby church. Besides bringing good fortune and great luck, this will give the traveler an idea of the location and the faith. 

Holy Week and summer are a usual combination of what we usually plan every year. From Tuguegarao to Aparri, explore religious sites and get to know the locals. 

Taking a Visita Iglesia across the country to see old colonial churches and cathedrals throughout Holy Week has become so trendy that tourists are now joining the huge numbers of Pilgrims. For those interested in seeing some of the province’s historic Spanish churches, the week of Holy Week is a good time to take a trip along the Cagayan Valley Road or nearby and complete your own “Cagayan Visita Iglesia.” The Red Brick architecture of churches in the north of Luzon, particularly in Cagayan, is well-known. It’s easy to find clay along the Cagayan River’s shores. There is still a large brick-making industry in Barangay Atulu, Iguig. 

Tuguegarao Cathedral 

The Tuguegarao Cathedral is an 18th-century Baroque church located in Barangay Centro 10, Tuguegarao, Cagayan, Philippines. The Dominican-built cathedral is the seat of the Tuguegarao Archdiocese and one of the largest in the Cagayan Valley. The National Historical Institute, the forerunner of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines, installed a historical marker in 1982. 

On May 9, 1604, Dominican friars established a mission in Tuguegarao, Philippines. As the church’s first vicar, Father Tomas Villa was appointed. St. Peter and St. Paul served as patron saints for Father Villa’s temporary parochial structure, constructed out of lightweight materials. Father Antonio Lobato, OP, is credited with starting and finishing construction on the current church in 1761. Because of the Archbishop’s chair, it is referred to as a “Cathedral.” Monsignor Bishop Constance Jurgens rebuilt the church after World War II, which was severely damaged. 

Whimsical and playful are two words that describe the cathedral’s facade. Broken and crested pediments resembling other Cagayan Valley churches such as Dupax del Sur, Bambang, and Saint Dominic’s Cathedral in Nueva Vizcaya are the most prominent features of this church. According to historical photos of the church of Calasiao located in Pangasinan, it also had the pediment that is commonly known as the “Cagayan style.” The Ermita de San Jacinto, a Spanish-era brick chapel on the opposite side of Tuguegarao city proper, shares many of the church’s other notable architectural features. 

Basilica Minore de Nuestra Señora de Piat Cagayan 

From Macau, a black image of the Virgin Mary with Jesus on her left arm was brought to the Philippines in 1604 by a group of Dominican friars, who named it Our Lady of Piat. The church’s original name was Nuestra Seora del Santsimo Rosario (Our Lady of the Holy Rosary). This small shrine was constructed in 1604 by the Itawas of the area. It was brought to Lal-Lo, Cagayan (then Episcopal See of Nueva Segovia) so that the Cagayanos could see the image. In 1622, the image was also transported to Piat and Tuguegarao. A more beautiful image from Manila was brought to Piat during the visitation. Still, the locals insisted on returning their original image, so it was brought back and placed in the small sanctuary. 

A solemn procession of pilgrims brought the image of Our Lady from Piat to the Ermita on St. Stephen’s Day, December 26, 1623. To celebrate Our Lady’s arrival at the Ermita, Tuao residents marched in procession to the church. The next day, the Ermita was blessed, and the deacon celebrated a solemn Mass in front of over 10,000 people (“Pasaban de Diez mil personas”) who had traveled from all over the surrounding towns. Considering that the area wasn’t densely populated and that evangelization had only been going on for 25 years, the priest thought it was amazing that such a large crowd had gathered there. Due to her efforts, the first Cagayan Christians were born. A historian, Fr. Aduarte, tells me that the crowd that attended the dedication of the new shrine of Our Lady of Piat was quite large. As an explanation, Aduarte says, “…So the holy Image moved the natives (“Indians”) to love, respect, and revere her.” First camarera Doa Ines Magui’abbun, a high-ranking Piat woman of the “principalia” or local aristocracy, took on the responsibility of looking after the Ermita and became an important woman in her own right (caretaker of Our Lady). To make frequent trips to the shrine, she opened up a new field (“sementera”) and constructed nearby houses. A votive lamp was also placed in front of the image, which became the first shrine of the Lady. Moreover 

In the 1700s, people built a larger, more durable church on a hill about a mile from Sto. Domingo. In 1875, Rev. Fr. Diego Pinero built a new sanctuary, which Fr. Jose Gurumeta restored. 

The sanctuary was designated a Minor Basilica by the Vatican on June 22, 1999. It was the region’s first and the Philippines’ fourth. Antonio Mara Cardinal Javierre Ortas, a Vatican representative, performed the rites. The Department of Tourism also sponsored a Santacruzan to honor the Basilica. It included a Marian choral contest at Tuguegarao’s St. Paul University, a medical mission, a grand procession of all patron saints and Our Lady’s images, and a cultural show on the Virgin of Piat’s documented miracles. 

San Antonio de Galicia Church, Iguig Cagayan 

Marian Voyage of Peace includes Iguig Chuch. 

Behind the century-old church building stands the Iguig Calvary Hills, life-size tableaus of Stations of the Cross. Behind the church, you’ll see an earthquake-resistant Baroque structure called a flying buttress. 

The grounds of Iguig, Cagayan’s Spanish colonial church, are home to Calvary Hills. During Holy Week, devotees flock to this area because of its life-size depictions of the Stations of the Cross. As a result of its high location, the Cagayan River valley has a lot to offer. Views like this are extremely rare, but when they do occur, they are breathtaking. 

Life-size concrete models depicting the Stations of the Cross and San Antonio de Galicia Church can be found in the Calvary Hills of Iguig, Cagayan Valley, Philippines. The Holy Week (Lenten Season) depiction of Jesus Christ’s suffering draws many pilgrims to this colonial landmark. 

The Cagayan Valley is the longest river in the Philippines and can also be seen from here. Flying buttresses in the Spanish colonial church were designed to support or reinforce the wall during an equatorial earthquake Rogelio Cortez, the parish priest at the time, came up with the idea for the fourteen stations in 1982. It’s possible to get a sunset photo at Calvary Hills, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Cagayan Valley. 

Philomene Church, Alcala Cagayan 

There is a red brick church in the Philippines built during the Spanish colonization of the country. The Archdiocese of Tuguegarao’s largest and widest brick church is located in Alcala, Cagayan, along the Maharlika Highway. 

The redbrick church looks unique to the lush greenery around it. The church’s facade is brick, with only the columns, niches, and windows adorning it. Two angels are on each side, and a third is above. A small bell tower separates the church and a nearby elementary school. There are four rows of pews in the church because it is so wide. The church’s interior has recently undergone extensive renovation with a new altar and a tiled floor. Galvanized iron roofs have also been constructed outside, but the original features of the façade have been preserved for the most part. 

Alcala, where the church is located, grew out of an Ibanag settlement called Fulay, whose name means “red” about the soil. When the town was established in 1789, it became part of the Diocese of Nueva Segovia’s jurisdiction. In 1843, it was renamed, Alcala. To the south, 38 kilometers away from the town, is the Archdiocese of Tuguegarao. 

Casamiro Gonzalez, the priest who started the construction of St. Philomene Church in 1881, completed it. Fr. Pedro Perez completed it later. 

The Ecclesiastical Governor of Cagayan was declared at St. Philomene Church by Bishop Gregorio Aglipay prior to his separation from the Roman Catholic Church and the establishment of the Philippine Independent Church. Daniel Tirona, the leader of the Philippine Revolution against the Spanish in 1898, found refuge in the church. 

Domingo de Guzman Church in Nueva Segovia 

When Nueva Segovia, one of the first four cities in the Philippines and Cagayan’s provincial capital, was established in 1581, Lal-lo became one of the first four cities to be established and remained in that position for more than two-and-a-half centuries. This sleepy riverside town is historically significant because it is one of the country’s four cities, and it also has a stunning church next to the main highway. This is Lal-lo, Cagayan 

The Evangelization Cross, a 300-year-old wooden crucifix planted by Dominican missionaries, stands across the Santo Domingo de Guzman Church and on the banks of the Cagayan River. The cross is protected from further damage by being placed in a park as a focal point, where it serves as a constant reminder to Lal-lo “that their will and faith in God must remain steadfast and strong.” 

San Jacinto de Polonia Church, Camalaniugan 

There’s a Philippine church bell called the Santa Maria Bell that is thought to be the oldest in the country and Southeast Asia as a whole. During the early years of Spanish colonization in the Philippines, it was used as a currency. The Bell of Antiquity and the Camalaniugan Bell are other names for the 1595-forged Sta. Maria Bell. The Parish Church ( San Jacinto de Polonia ) in Camalaniugan, Cagayan Valley, Philippines, has a bell tower where it can be found. 

The same year The bell was forged in 1595, Spanish Catholic friars Ceria and Castellano arrived to convert Datu Guiyab of Camalaniugan. In 1596, when the town became a pueblo and the Dominican order officially accepted the town’s ecclesiastical administration, the original parish church was built. It was Cagayan’s third Catholic church. 

On October 7, 1845, a typhoon and an earthquake destroyed the church dedicated to San Jacinto de Polonia, a Polish saint with a strong devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was decided to relocate away from the original site because of the danger to the church’s foundation posed by river overflows. The riverbank can still see the original church ruins. 

The recently completed San Jacinto de Polonia Church is built in a more modern style, closer to the ruins of the old one. The Sta. Maria bell is in the belfry and the town’s other historic bells. The parishioners and town residents worked with the local government to build this bell tower. 

The Sta. Maria Bell’s origins are unknown. It is also unknown how the bell arrived in Camalaniugan. The bell has only one known historical record, which states that it was brought to Manila in 1937 as part of the 33rd International Eucharistic Congress. 

The Cagayan Valley Region offers breathtaking views, cool breezes, blue seas, majestic waterfalls, evergreen forests, jaw-dropping caves, centuries-old historical landmarks, and electrifying festivals. 

Magnificent Heritage Churches to visit during Visita Iglesia in Albay 

In the Lenten season, Filipinos participate in theVisita Iglesia tradition, which involves visiting seven churches in the Bicol region of the Philippines. To see how our Catholic faith and the structures that support it have evolved may also be an excellent opportunity for squad bonding. 

Churches in Albay are centuries old, neighboring one another, and open to the faithful at any time of the day, it’s a great place for a pilgrimage. 

It has numerous historic churches dotting its surroundings. Volcanic rocks dominated the construction materials used during the colonial period. These religious landmarks, which date back to the 16th century, can be found mainly in the city’s heart, each with a distinct history and architectural style. 

Scene Zone Squad goes to Albay 

It aims to show you this collection of churches that are truly out of this world. From its beautiful beaches to its breathtaking views to its magnificent churches, it has something for everyone. 

Albay is a Philippine province located in the Bicol Region of Luzon. And Scene Zone Blog is giving your more reasons why you should celebrate the Holy Week by visiting their local churches in Albay. Aside from the breathtaking view of the Mayon Volcano, which is widely regarded as the world’s most perfectly formed volcano, it is also a major draw for visitors to this area. Since the churches in Albay are so old and close together, it is the ideal location for Visita Iglesia. 

While there are many churches in Albay, the ones on this list are worth looking at. 

1. San Lorenzo Church, Tiwi 

St. Lawrence, the Martyr Parish in Sitio Basag, Barangay Tigbi, is one of the interesting Roman Catholic churches to visit in Tiwi, Albay. It used to be known as Tigbi Parish Church. 

The St. Lawrence the Martyr Parish Church in Tiwi, Albay, faces the municipal hall. The Church was founded in honor of the Spanish martyr St. Lawrence, patron saint of the poor and one of the most revered saints of the Catholic Church. 

On the 10th of August, the people of Tigbi and Tiwi hold rites in honor of St. Lawrence the Martyr. 

Begin the pilgrimage at the northernmost tip of Albay province. The current Church in Tiwi was built in 1829 and rebuilt and fortified over the years by the parish priests and the town’s residents. As early as 1658, the town became a Christian place of worship and was formally a part of the Diocese of Nueva Caceres in 1696. St. Lawrence’s Cathedral is the town’s focal point for religious and cultural activities. From the Legazpi City Central Terminal, it takes about an hour to get to Tiwi. It’s also possible to complete the seven churches by renting a car and driving from one location to another. As a result, you’ll have more time to devote to the Visita Iglesia. 

2. Our Lady of the Gate Parish Church 

The National Museum has declared this Church a National Cultural Treasure. The entrance has a sign indicating its structural value and the need to preserve it. The Church is over 230 years old and is periodically restored. Ending the Visita Iglesia at this parish church allows you to see the magnificent Mayon Volcano. 

3. St. Rose of Lima Parish Church, Bacacay 

Bacacay was established in 1649 as a barrio in Tabaco and is now a separate municipality. It was declared an independent town in 1660, prompting the construction of a church to commemorate the historic moment. Remarkably, this year’s date appears on the Church’s front door. However, despite the fact that it is not the original place of worship., the current tower still reflects the original Church’s architectural style. Christ has risen from the dead, and a statue of him stands guard outside the Church. 

4. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish Church in Malilipot 

Visita Iglesia in Albay continues at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish Church in Malilipot. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish Church was built in 1851 and completed in 1877. Unlike the other churches, this one is not near the town hall. Malilipot is a small town, so it’s easy to find. Tourists love Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish Church for its view of Mayon Volcano and modern interior. 

5. St. John the Baptist Church in Tabaco City 

The largest Church in this Visita Iglesia series is in Albay’s City of Love. The current Church, begun in 1864, replaced the original Franciscan Church built-in 1616. The Masonic symbols and markings on Tabaco City’s parish church make it unique in the country. The city hall and plaza are across the street from this Church, which is in the heart of the city. 

Visita Iglesia in Albay and Tabaco City during Holy Week. This Church is located in the heart of the city. Built in 1616, this Church underwent a major reconstruction in 1864. Because of the Masonic symbols and markings, it is one of the most well-known churches in the Philippines. According to legend, the first letters on the church walls are thought to be the names of the masons who built these blocks. 

The carving in the church tower of a person who resembles a Datu next to the resemblance of the King of Spain is also a mystery. This sculpture in Albay may represent the Spaniards’ admiration for the pre-Hispanic government of the region. This Church is a must-see throughout your Holy Week and Visita Iglesia in Albay because of its stunning architecture and fascinating historical context. 

6. St. Dominic de Guzman Church in Sto. Domingo 

The parish church in Sto. Domingo is a notable landmark. The greenery complements its old-fashioned architecture. The Church was built in 1820 with massive stones and a mixture of lime, egg albumin, and molasses as binders. Like most churches in the country, it is close to the town hall. 

Sto. Domingo is a famous landmark in the area. It was renamed to its patron saint in 1959 from the Bicolano word “Libog,” which means “roundabout.” 

The Sto. Domingo Church has two dome-shaped bell towers made of huge stones and egg albumin, lime, and molasses mixture. St. Dominic de Guzman Church should be on your list of spiritual places during Holy Week and Visita Iglesia in Albay if you enjoy ancient architecture. 

7. Legazpi Cathedral 

In 2018, the National Historical Commission of the Philippines unveiled a historical marker at the cathedral.  

Albay is a great destination for a family vacation if you’re looking for a little adventure or some quiet time to meditate and reflect. 

It’s a good idea to do Visita Iglesia in Albay this Lent if you’re looking for something different from the usual.