Guides on Setting-up a Home Gym

There are a lot of modifications happening these days in our lives but there are things that we need to sustain doing, no matter what happen– that is eating healthy and nutritious food while living a healthy lifestyle. And YES! Above all, these are vital during this pandemic season.

Before the COVID-19 crisis began, some people, specifically the health buffs, can easily get a membership in the nearest gym from their place and workout freely either with your squad or alone. There are also various Zumba groups in different towns and cities where you can join anytime you want. These are aside from the yoga and Pilates sessions that you can have in a private studio.

In recent days, many families and individuals bring these workout equipment inside of their houses and invest on a home gym that can be utilize and enjoy by the whole family.

For those who are just planning to build their own gym at home, here are some friendly tips that you should consider first before buying your home gym equipment:

Tip #1: Choose a Right Location

A home gym must be set up before you get started running on your treadmill or strengthen your leg muscles on your indoor cycling bike. First, you need to make a decision on where you want your home gym to be. For yogis, you will need only enough space for a yoga mat to perform stretching and core exercises. Basically, it really depends on how much room you have, as well as whatever exercises you would want to be engaged in.

If you prefer High-Intensity Interval Trainings or HIITs, it would require you more room and a sturdier surface than a yoga mat, such as a carpet or mat, to do jumps, unlike yoga or Pilates that only need an extra square foot of space. A whole room might be necessary to support a hard lifting program with all the equipment needed.

Tip #2: Build Your Very Own Home Gym

You can build your own home gym without having to waste space and time on inessential equipment. What you only need are the machines and equipment that can fit your budget and needs.

  • Cardio Workout If you want to stay on a budget or would like to save some space at home, you can opt for an inexpensive jump rope for exercise rather a hefty treadmill. Make the jump rope heavier to make it difficult to rotate in your hands, which will make your forearms and wrists work more, But if you prefer to experience that gym workout you have before pandemic, just make sure that you have enough space for your treadmill equipment to meet your fitness objectives.
  • Boosting your Strength Yup. There’s no need for big cable equipment to do your strength training. Instead, you can spend on a single kettlebell, which may replace many big dumbbells and barbells in your home gym. You’ll get the same muscle-toning workout without needing to organize all your heavy equipment. Stability balls and BOSU balls are also great for making sure your core and balance are strong, although storing them may be tricky. Balance disks can be a great alternative for home gyms since they can hold as much weight as a plate and provide the same advantages.
  • Recovery Exercises One must have recovery equipment for a home gym. These are great especially if you feel constant back pain from work. For this, you can invest on foam rollers. They’re incredibly flexible as you can use them to massage your muscles, work on your core strength, or use them as a support for yoga postures. Rolling out your muscles using a foam roller has shown to increase total muscle function and aid in recovery, in addition to reducing muscle fatigue and soreness.

You can also use other alternatives that can save you much space at home like a theragun, which vibrates, or a foot roller that can help to alleviate your muscle aches and pains.

Tip #3: Plan for your storage needs

Storage is critical is If you’re aiming to store a ton of gear in a compact area. For minimalists who prefer to practice space-saving at home, consider getting a storage container that can store sliders, yoga mat, jump rope, resistance bands, and other little items that you use for your home gym. You may also use an empty wall with a hanging organizer to keep your bands in order and clear of tangles.

Tip #4: Customize Your Workout Space

You should have enough of natural or artificial light while working out at home to make sure that you are safe while doing your daily fitness routine. You could also add some mirrors in your home gym which are fantastic especially when you are working on your figure. Make sure to also cover your gym flooring with carpet that’ll keep your muscles supported and the floor dry while you’re doing some core training or plyometric exercises. And last but most definitely not the least, it’s best to remove the distractions and clutter out of your home gym to keep yourself focused and safe throughout your exercise.

Tip #5: Remote Squad Goals in your Home Gym

Since it’s not yet advisable to invite your friends over to your home gym and enjoy working out together, there are other alternate ways in order to spend time with them while working out remotely.

  • Schedule a virtual workout using FB Messenger, Facetime, Skype or Zoom Utilize the power of technology and the internet to remain connected with your friends instead of you having to exercise alone. It’s better to exercise with your friends since this motivates you to push harder and not give up unlike when you’re doing it alone. There are many online exercises that may be done with friends and get that remote squad goals, including cycling, yoga, and circuit training.
  • Create a Squad Goal Weekly Challenge Getting a weekly challenge is a great way to ensure you’re consistently encouraged to work out. Either for the most number of pushups or the most miles for indoor cycling trainer or running the treadmill, these kinds of squad goals can really boost your motivation to constantly hit your workout routine with friends.

In addition, you can even make a shared virtual workout plan with your friend and have those ultimate squad goals of having a healthier lifestyle together.

We might still being locked up inside our houses but it doesn’t mean that we also neglect our daily healthy lifestyles. Invite now your friends and motivate each other in achieving that desired body weight and figure fulfilling those squad goals!

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