A Serene Homestyle Investment at Lumina Pililla

It’s the holiday seasons and Christmas is just a few days away from now. Most of the employees already received their Christmas Bonus and the most-awaited 13th month pay for this year! Many of us are thinking where to spend our bonuses and savings for this month as a gift for our long-year hard work at the company.

But before you get too enthusiastic and crazy on spending your bonuses on the latest gadgets or designer bags and couture, try to take a deep breath first and think about what you really need versus what you really want.

With the pandemic still at large in the country, it’s better if you will allot your hard-earned money to stuffs that really matter and you can use for the long-run rather than short-termed happiness and value.

One of the regret-free gifts that you can give to yourself and to your family this Christmas is a home investment. Having your own house and lot is always better than paying a monthly rent to an apartment and a house that you can’t call your own.

For those people who are working in the Metro like Pasig, Taguig, Mandaluyong and Quezon City who are looking for an affordable house and lot near their workplaces or even for Rizaleños who wish to have their own home, Lumina Homes has the best offer for you.

Lumina Pililla, with its strategic and high-point location, you can now be future-ready for the rainy season with its flood-free area. This is a 12-hectares house and lot community development located in San Antonio Feeder Road, Brgy. Quisao Pililla, Rizal. Lumina Pililla is currently offering four (4) home models that are all bare-type, meaning you can design and customize your own interior and partitions.

Anna Rowhouse

This is 24-square meter home with 37 square meter standard lot that you can provision for one (1) bedroom. This is budget-friendly and is perfect for working professionals who aim to have their own house and lot in a quiet and peaceful community.

Anna Rowhouse

You can be one-step ahead in owning this affordable house and lot for only Php4,000 as its reservation fee! Absolutely an economical way for home investment!

Angeli Townhouse

This one is a 42 square meter two-storey house with 36 square meter standard lot for provisioning of three (3) bedrooms. It is great for newly wed couples and partners who would like to start their own family.

Angeli Single Firewall

This is a 42 square meter two-storey house with 54 square meter standard lot. This is best fit for large families who are looking for a more spacious house and lot.

One of the best trends about Lumina Homes community is that it is always complete with convenient amenities that you and your whole family can enjoy like a play area for your children, a multi-purpose hall for your family’s events, a covered court for your recreational activities, and a 24/7 guardhouse for the safety and security assurance of your whole family.

Lumina Pililla Angeli Single Firewall
Angeli Single Firewall

Another good thing to enjoy about Lumina Pililla aside from these amenities is its fresh air and the breathtaking view of the Laguna de Bay and the Pililla Windmills.

This Christmas, make sure to be regret-free in spending your bonuses and savings. Hurry up and make your own Lumina Homes Online reservation now and give the greatest holiday gift to your family as proud Lumina Pililla homeowners!

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